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How To Experience Classical Music At Bosendorfer Saal?

This professional and serious venue is a great place to enjoy Mozart and Strauss concerts. Before you listen to the music, know that what you will be seeing and hearing has been composed right in that building. Beneath this venue is a museum that has even been dedicated to world-renowned Mozart.

History of Bosendorfer Saal and The Mozarthaus

This might be a small venue but the operatic performances and classical concerts are worth it. If you are thinking about purchasing Vienna opera tickets of a place then give this one a shot instead of heading for the Schönbrunn palace concert for once.

The house where Mozart stayed for around three years while he was in Vienna has been called The Mozarthaus. It is in this place that the concert will be held. Isn't it a charming idea to listen to his music in the very same place where he once made the same sounds with his violin or piano. The Bösendorfer-Saal, which is located inside the famed Mozarthaus makes this experience possible.


  • Come here to listen to the beautiful summer piano recitals which are a delight and a major highlight of the place. This is because the recitals comprise of works of Mozart that were made while he was staying here. In 2020, the program is scheduled to mirror the Haydn-Mozart-Beethoven exhibition which is going on in the very same building. This summer recital takes place in June, July, and August month. It is held every Tuesday as well as Thursday. You can get tickets for it online around this time.

  • Apart from the famous summer recitals, there's also the Mozart Academy performances which are held on sonatas for piano and violin.

  • There is a whole series of concerts held in the afternoons which embodies the spirit of the maestro Mozart's music. But know that each one has a whole different performer a program too.

  • You will be able to experience a small-scale version of Beethoven’s Fidelio in piano. That's not all. It will be accompanied by a talented modern-day dance ensemble hailing from Korea.

If you love Mozart then do give this place a try. You will enjoy all the different and unique performances which are held here.

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